Investment opportunities

Strategic planning

Portugal is currently an investment haven; the property market being one of the most promising fields of business. The economy is growing, backed by a greater property demand and exponential growth of the tourism sector.

real estate deals

We have multiple ongoing marketing campaigns in our area as well as other tradicional methods to get leads.

business plans

Expert insights on how to write a business plan, from the executive summary to appendix.

real time market projection

It projects the future numbers, characteristics, and trends in your target market.


Our team continuously searches for real estate deals, preparing a concise business plan so the investor can make his decision based on market real time projection.

The property market has been hitting a new record of investment in commercial property since many months. More investment products such as offices and retail spaces (with rental incomes much higher than European averages), reinforce the high attraction of new investors. An increasing search for hotels has also been recorded. Bank loans have been eased so that more money has flown into the markets.

Our process


Due diligence is a process that investigates a property or new development to ensure that everything promised during marketing is actually delivered upon sale. Every aspect of the property must be analyzed during this process.

We will assure that all of the following property aspects are in order:

  • Who owns the project, land and/or property?
  • There are no outstanding planning issues.
  • Sellers are the owners and are free to sell.
  • All necessary planning permissions have been granted and followed adequately.
  • The property has no outstanding debt.
  • Bank financing has been secured.
  • There are no unusual conditions with the sale.
  • Contracts are presented in English as well as Portuguese.
  • Developers insurance has been secured for a new build.

We help to establish your Company


Our team will give you the best advise and prepare the best business structure regarding the type of your investment.


We work directly with local notaries and solicitors that will help with the registration of your new company.

Bank Account

We work with all the major banks in Portugal and we can help you with the process of opening your bank account.

Tax representation, Business overview

We cover the entire range of taxes advise and associated consulting services.

Accounting and Reporting

Our in-house accounting team provides you with with easy to read business dashboards.

Virtual Office and Domiciliation

Establish a presence in Portugal with legal registered address, meeting room and mail reception.

Project Management

Investment Structure

Before entering a real estate project it´s very important to consider the most appropriate investment structure to use, our team can suggest and prepare the best that suits your purpose.

Planning and Licensing

Setting up a time schedule and align teams with objectives is the best way to plan and prepare to get permits to start building the designated real estate project.

Property Finance

Our close relationship with the major Portuguese banks will give us insight to prepare a well done business plan to assure that the project will get the right loan to be developed.

Tax Framework

It´s necessary to assure that all taxes are taking care of and rest assure that will not be any surprises – our fiscal adviser department will prepare a time sheet that will be used during the investment process.

Technical Supervision

Technical team with over than 40 years of building experience and hands on new construction solutions.

Go to Market - Sales

Our marketing team will setup a go to market strategy that best fits the real estate project in question – targeting and connecting with the correct market will bring success and will increase the IRR of the project.

By having a construction company in our group, Sigmaprivilege gives us a huge advantage in terms of timings to build, know-how, negotiation with suppliers, well know construction brand that will give confidence to the buyer.

we help you get your

Golden Visa

Since 9 October 2012, foreign citizens wishing to enter and reside in Portugal have been able to do so under a Golden Visa/Golden Residence Permit rule. It is a fast track for foreign investors from non-EU countries to obtain a fully valid residency permit in Portugal (“Golden Visa”).


Third country citizens attempting residency under the same laws were subject to vague regulations. As of October 2012, the acquisition
of an immovable Portugal asset entitles those individuals to a residency title.

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